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    19 май 2020

    Little Alchemy is the most popular logic game played by millions of players. The application for android and iOS Little Alchemy (Little alchemy) is no less famous among puzzle lovers. The game has already been installed and tried their hand at passing and finding answers to all the elements by millions of people around the world.
    As in most Alchemy games, at the very beginning you have only 4 basic elements: air, earth, fire and water. Combine elements with each other and discover new ones!
    Little Alchemy walkthrough has its own characteristics:
    • 560 elements
    • on the right side are those elements that have already been created, on the left - the desktop, where you can mix and get new combinations in Little Alchemy. To combine elements with each other, you need to drag and drop them overlapping each other.
    We offer you all the recipes from the game Little Alchemy.
    When the game is updated, we will try to post the answers and tips, crafting and solutions on how to create all the elements as soon as possible. Happy discoveries!

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    little alchemy
    little alchemy

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